Nosy Neighbor Date Night


Ok – so I took Jen on a date last night (#22 so far this year on our way to 30!)…

We met some friends at a local Chili’s (good veggie burgers!) and then had some coffee… nothing unique there, right?

Except that when we returned to the house our babysitter told us that the police had been there!

Seems like a neighbor saw Jen and I pull out of our driveway, ASSUMED that we were leaving our three sons home alone, and called the police.  The police dropped by for a safety check, saw we had an 18 year old babysitting, and went on their merry way (and I want to say a heart-felt THANK YOU to the Plainfield Police Dept for taking the time to check this kind of thing… the officer at our home was reportedly kind and polite).  Ok… two things:

  • One of my neighbors REALLY needs a hobby…
  • It’s ironic isn’t it?  Jen and I take the time, effort, and expense to make sure we still date (and it DOES take all those things – sometimes dating your spouse is hard to facilitate!) to better our family and it seems so strange to some that they dial 911 suspicious of family neglect.

So – date your spouse.  Do it because it’s smart.  Do it because it’s cool.  Do it because it can get you a cool rep in your neighborhood!!


One thought on “Nosy Neighbor Date Night

  1. wow. That’s just crazy!

    One time I got a hand-written note on my door with a bunch of PETA literature from “a concerned neighbor.” They had a list of accusations, like “you need a shelter for your animals” and “you must make sure your animals have adequate water.”

    It’s odd that, since they obviously were spying on my back yard, they didn’t notice the HUGE doghouse and one of those massive 10-gallon watering things UNDERNEATH A HUGE OAK TREE for shade.

    I’m such a crappy dog owner 🙂

    Well at least you can say the police visited your house!

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