Stop the Bash’n


The blogosphere is a great place… a venue for opinions, editorials, and, it appears, one of the emerging opinion-shaping influences in politics and business.

But it is also a place where people can just outright bash each other.

I have a friend in education who has run a blog for the last year or so, as part of a sponsored blogging experiment in schools.  He and other administrators are now pulling the plug on their blogs for, amongst other reasons, the amount of craziness directed at the blogging administrators.

It doesn’t just happen in education, business, or politics though.  It happens in the church all the time.  Here’s a common scenario…

Two churches side by side.  One begins to grow – in attendance, facility, and influence.  The other – not so much.  It used to be that the church that wasn’t growing discussed, pondered, or otherwise dialogued about why they were the lesser growing church.  Sometimes they would find a place of peace – "We are doing what God wants us to do…"  But sometimes they would turn bitter… and attack the growing church’s methods: accuse them of "selling out" or "watering down" the gospel.  A few words traded between the churches, but that was it.

Now, there seems to be a very vocal minority of blogs that exist for no other purpose than to knock growing churches.  To pull from my little example: the church that is not growing joins a blogging community of other not growing churches, and bands together for the sole purpose of degrading those churches that are reaching people in greater numbers.  Setting themselves up as defenders of the faith, proponents of the true gospel, or whatever, the blogosphere becomes their platform to reach out and bash those who are accomplishing by different methods.

One such "bash’em" blog that I had been watching for a while was just shut down.   While I hate to see any blog go under, I wasn’t disappointed by this one’s demise.

I’m all for freedom of speech on the blogosphere… I guess I would just love for more blogs to be FOR something, instead of simply AGAINST everything!

If you haven’t thought about it… start a blog.  Go to blogger, or typepad, or wordpress, and sign up.  But be FOR something… Thank you!


2 thoughts on “Stop the Bash’n

  1. Hey Chris! What an AWESOME post!!! I have been convicted about this lately, so this was simply a confirmation of the direction that I did to head concerning my thoughts, words, and deeds. I have never bashed another church or person on a blog, but I cannot say that I have always said the nicest things about others or churches which I am really sad about. I am glad that Jesus died for my sins so I can ask for forgiveness and start over. God is so good.

    Welcome to the staff at OVCC. I haven’t met you yet, but I hope to meet you the next time we come down for a visit. My husband, Ed, and I know Scott and Amanda from their LWCC days. Scott is actually one of the reasons we kept going to LWCC. His authenticity and heart for God really struck me and my husband. Plus, Scott noticed when we didn’t attend an event, and he called us. That REALLY got our attention because the church and the group that we were attending were anything but small.

    It has been neat to read your blog along with Scott’s, Mike’s, and Ted’s. Ed and I met Ted and Kathryn when we lived in Tulsa for a year. Ok — maybe more information that you wanted to know, but I personally like to know how everyone is connected, so I figure, so does everyone else, right? 🙂

    Have a wonderful weekend!

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