What’s your biker name?


Did you know you had a 1% biker name?  A 1% is an outlaw biker… Honda used to run an ad that said "99% of all the people you meet on motorcycles are God-fearing, family people".  So, 1% became a term for the nefarious outlaw bikers that didn’t want to be family friendly.

Well, go to this website and it will generate your 1%er biker name. 

Me?  I’m Krazy Kris from the Satan’s Barbers MC!


4 thoughts on “What’s your biker name?

  1. My given name is “Monkey of the Diry Ducks MC.” Kinda feels like I should’ve been in the “Wild Hogs” movie.

  2. OK, I know I’m coming late to the party but I LOVE my biker name…
    I am Momma of the Sons of Santa MC. THAT ROCKS!!!!! I want my own t-shirt.

  3. The 1% came from the AMA (American Motorcycle Association) who said, after the Hollister riot, that 99% of all motorcycle riders were good law abiding citizens. The outlaws took that up as a symbol of pride and pretty much tattoo and patch it everywhere.

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