Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

I can personally attest to the truthfulness of this Web MD article that claims an increase of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever in the United States.

I caught the dreadful stuff from a tick bite in 2003, while traveling through the Colorado Rockies to re-certify my Defensive Tactics Instructor License in Delta, Colorado.

I trained for 5 days in a men’s prison with a 103 degree fever and red boils all over my hands, feet, and face.  You know you’re sick when prisoners refuse to go near you!  Ironically, my mom diagnosed it over the phone, and my instructors at the prison sent me to the emergency room.  Only about 5 people in a million catch it… Lucky me!

Boy, it’s nasty stuff…and it keeps me from donating blood to this day.



2 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

  1. Hey Chris:

    What does RMSF have to do with donating or not donating blood? Is is retroactive . . . once you have it you always have it . . . carrier-type thing? Interesting.

  2. Hey Doug – it’s a version of Lyme disease…

    I get different answers if I can ever donate again, but they definitely have me down as a no-go for five years (May 2008).

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