that awkward time


I have decided to grow a beard… I’ve worn a goatee since college, but I am going to try for a full face beard (at least at first – I’ll shape it depending on how it comes in).

But this is that awkward stage (day 4) when it isn’t always easy to tell if I am growing a beard or just being sloppy/refusing to shave.

I had a waiter at the panera I frequent ask me "Are you growing a beard, or did you lose your razor".  Hah!  What a good one…


4 thoughts on “that awkward time

  1. beards are where it’s at. to thwart off those who are asking if you’ve lost the razor, keep the neck and upper cheeks clean. it works for me, then again i also keep mine trimmed to almost 6 hours past a 5 o’clock shadow. i call it the Greg House.

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