The power of a thought

Don’t you love it when God SHOWS UP in quiet times?!?

Happened to me this morning.  The place?  Psalm 32

David wrote this Psalm just after going Tony Soprano on the husband of his mistress… far from his greatest moment.  Nathan the prophet had just confronted him about it… so this Psalm is one of the penitent psalms.

Check out verse 5 – David says I acknowledged my mistake, my sin to you and stopped trying to cover it up.  When I said "I will confess…" God forgave me.

I did a little work in the Hebrew language (the language it was written in), and the intimation here is that when David THOUGHT THE THOUGHT of asking for forgiveness… God did it.

Didn’t even have to speak it… just decided he was sorry and had made a mistake.  Was done trying to make excuses and cover it up.  And God forgot it.  GONE!

That blows me away.  I wish I was that quick to forgive, to get over it, to forget and move on.  All I have to do is have a change of heart, the real meaning of repentance, and BAM – its gone.  God forgot it.  And I should too.



One thought on “The power of a thought

  1. Good to know. I usually feel the need to come with a presentation or a little speech. Kind of like the prodigal son going over his speech on the way back to his dad’s.

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