It’s Ate-gray


Ebay… pig latin for "Be".

As in "Be the place to sell all your stuff you used to throw away" or "Be the place where anyone can open their own online business".

Ebay has democratized online retail.  The little guy (me) can compete for online market share with the big boys (, et al). 

An example: I like classic mens’ fashion.  Every once in a while I come across decent quality mens clothes (suits, shoes, hats, etc.) that are in great shape.  I can put them up on ebay, and voila (literally French for "in just a few mouse clicks") I can compete with Amazon over the web selling men’s clothing!

Ok… maybe "compete" with Amazon is putting it on a little thick.  But some dude in Nebraska who needs a suit next week for a meeting can buy from me just as easily as from the big boys.

And be careful what you throw away!  A lot of the stuff you throw out can be sold on ebay because someone will buy it!  (Come to think of it… that sentence scares me a little!)


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