Sunday Morning

Photo_20It’s a little after 8:00 on the first chilly Sunday morning in Chicago for quite some time.  It’s 29 degrees… a week ago we hit 80!

The sun is beautiful and I know people are heading to the Orchard.  Families are getting ready to go to church.  Breakfast is being made.  Kids are sleepily rolling out of bed.

I am very thankful this morning for all God has given me.  Heat, sun, friends, and the freedom to go worship wherever and however I please.

The same sun that is rising on me here is setting on other believers somewhere around the world.  Believers who probably have to be a little more cognisant of where and how they worship.

Get out today – worship God in a church if you choose to attend, or by thanking him for all he’s given you today.

On second thought – find a church, and go to it… and thank him anyway!


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