The Setup (part 1)


Rembrandt’s Storm on the Sea of Galilee

I have been studying the synoptic gospels (Matthew and Luke) the last few weeks and God continues to hit me upside the head morning after morning.  Check out this morning’s Divine Collision:

Matthew 14:22-33 tells the story of Peter walking on the water.  And every time I’ve read this story, I’ve always focussed on Peter, the boat, the waves, and the water-walking.  But God includes a lot of backstory here… Jesus finishes a big event (feeding the 5K) and sends the disciples on ahead across the water.  That’s when it hit me… Jesus intentionally distances himself from them and sends them into a storm on their own!

Jesus has to know the storm is brewing, and we see here that he could very easily have prayed in the boat, but he doesn’t – he purposely creates this scenario so that after many hours of stormy worry, He can show up walking on the water.

God creates a storm of stress for his followers ON PURPOSE so he can have them experience the Peter/walking on water episode.  The whole experience was a setup!  God was in control of the storm, the sea, the boat, the crowd back on land, and the disciples.  The whole thing was a strategic setup so Jesus could lead them into the experience he needed them to have.

This hits me right between the eyes… because while I know (in my stronger moments) that God controls all aspects of my life, I practically forget (I might know in my head, but I don’t live it) that God is not only in control of me, but He’s in control of all of that other stuff – my circumstances, the crowd around me, the storms, my "boat", all of it.  I sometimes find myself believing that God might have me, but all of that craziness out there swirling around my life is off the chain!  Out of control!

But its not – He really does control it all.  What’s that mean?  More to come.


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