Are you a bibliophile that needs to be RE-KINDLEd?

Amazon has launched Kindle: its attempt to do to the ebook reader what apple did to the mp3 player.  With great battery life, a readable screen, and a full QWERTY keyboard, it looks like maybe Amazon is ready to do just that!

As far as it goes, it looks like Kindle is a great setup.  It downloads ebooks from Amazon at greatly reduced prices, over Sprint’s wireless EVDO network (which is really fast!).  One buys the Kindle device, pays for any books or periodicals downloaded, and the data plan is free.  For a small fee, you can read blogs, subscribe to other RSS based content, or read/edit office documents that have been emailed to your Kindle.  No computer or external device is ever needed.  And content from Amazon will really drive this device.

It looks to be the best ebook reader to hit the market… but that is where the rub is.  I am not sold on ebooks yet. I have attempted to read several ebooks, and its just not the same.  Viscerally, there is something different about holding a book, dog-earing the pages, and writing in the margins.  Now, you can do all of that on the Kindle, but it still just wouldn’t be the same.  Now for oft-cited reference materials, this would be much less of a problem.  It might be cool to carry around an entire reference library in your bag!

Am I being an old fogey?  Will it be normal in the next few years to carry around an entire library in a paperback sized device?  I currently do not want something to replace my paperback which is cheaper,
more durable, has infinite battery life, and I’ll be able to read 20
years from now.  I don’t know…


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