Omaha disaster


I just feel sick. 

Robert Hawkins, a nineteen year old man, decides to deal with his lonely broken life
by walking into an Omaha mall and murdering eight people.

He lost his girlfriend. He lost his job.  His family treated him unfairly (maybe).  How many of us haven’t
faced these same challenges?  But instead of talking, of coping somehow, he steals a rifle;  then he walks into a department store, and murders eight people before taking his own life.

Was he hurting?   Obviously.  But when did it become a consideration that I will somehow address my pain by committing murder?  Virginia Tech?  Columbine?  Cain and Abel?  Sadly, this degenerate part of the human condition is becoming more prevalent.

Was this another example of how more/bettter gun laws would have worked?  No, he obtained the rifle illegally, like over ninety percent of criminals.  No matter how many laws against evil behaviors we create, the reality is that mankind has always found a way to DO that very evil we try to prevent.  That is why I have always believed so strongly (in the words attributed to Edmund Burke) that good men must DO something in the face of injustice.  And I feel sympathy for the police, who cannot ever PREVENT these actions, because they are by their very nature, reactive responders, who can only arrive AFTER the murders occur.

I do see an evil irony in this incident, however.  Nebraska allows licensed and trained citizens to carry concealed firearms.  However the mall property does not, having posted signs saying "No weapons allowed in the mall".  The sick irony is that the law-abiding, trained citizens who could have stopped this massacre obeyed the law and shopped unarmed while the criminal walked into the store with a rifle and committed his crime unchallenged!

This issue raises passion in me, because I worked through most of my undergraduate education by working with and training mall security departments.  This kind of incident has been planned for, thought about, and worried over for decades.

Nine people lost their lives when they didn’t have to.  A boy/man in the awkward years between either was so ill-equipped to deal with his own pain that he ended their lives and his own.

For all the men reading this… it’s a law enforcement fact that men/boys commit these kinds of crimes.  We have to teach our young men how to deal with anger, violence, and dark feelings.  More on this to come.

I’m just sick… God, bring peace to these families.  And show me a way I can be a part of the solution.  Help me raise young men who know how to be MEN.


One thought on “Omaha disaster

  1. I had a rough time in junior high being harassed and having lots of screwed up family issues. I used to fantasize about how I would get back at the people who hurt me. Never once though, did I think I could/would actually act on those feelings. I had one teacher and a mom who saw explosive anger and immediately put me in counseling. I wonder what has changed in our mindsets that says every feeling and thought must be acted upon. Do we now live without an internal compass? Or is no one paying attention?

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