Church Security


I’m feeling sick to my stomach again…

Two shootings today in churches/ministries in Colorado…

In one, a missionary training center, there was no security plan or personnel in place.  Two dead, two wounded, and the assailant left the premises unhindered.  He is still on the loose…

In the other the gunman, possibly the same man the same shooter, opened fire during the worship service of New Life Church in Colorado Springs, killing one two and wounding four three before a security guard ended the threat.  How many lives were saved by that church security officer?  I am so thankful that the church had taken the time to plan out a security response, and arm a security element to protect the congregation.

We are unfortunately in an age where churches must think about the safety of their staff and members.  The Bible tells those of us in ministry that we have to care for the sheep.  That means that in today’s environments we not only need shepherds, but SHEEP DOGS.  Men and women who were gifted by God to be warriors who can protect the peaceful right of religious assembly.

I’m not talking "Onward Christain Soldiers", crusades, or jihad… just protection against armed, invasive threat on the church campus, and providing executive/high profile protection for the church’s staff.

If your church has not looked at this, please ask your pastor to investigate the issue.  It can be as simple as asking some members of your church who serve in law enforcement to create a plan.  Maybe it entails the staff meeting with the local police department and planning a response action.  Maybe even creating a security team to ensure the safety of the flock… but hear me on this: NO church is too small, and NO church is too out-of-the-way.  It doesn’t take a high profile church or pastor to drive a Saturday night domestic altercation to the sanctuary Sunday morning (where boyfriend or husband shows up armed because he knows that church is the "turn the other cheek" location where he is unlikely to encounter any meaningful resistance).

And fellow pastors – we are called to protect the sheep.  If you are gifted at being the shepherd leader, caring and nurturing for your flock, then find someone who can faithfully serve as your SHEEP DOG, and watch over the sheep in another way.


2 thoughts on “Church Security

  1. I remember years ago as a church leader not knowing what the plan was to evacuate the church in a fire or fire drill–what do we do with the kids church and how do we instruct the congregation. I don’t know if a plan was ever put in place. My current employer has done an excellent job instructing us how to handle emergencies of all kinds. I just never thought we’d need a plan for something like this in church. Its a new world. Tragic.

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