Countdown to Candlelight

We are just days away from Christmas Eve, and am I excited! We have
handed out over 1200 tickets so far to our four Christmas Eve services
(1, 3, 5, and 7pm). Add all of the walk-ins and drive-bys that we get every year, and we are going to have the opportunity to impact a LOT
of people with the good story of Christmas! And we are not turning
anyone away! Ticket or not, if you want to come to a service we will
find somewhere to put you – even if it is standing room only!

This service is one of the GREATEST opportunities we have all year
long to tell the story of Jesus to those in our community who don’t
normally attend church anywhere! So our parking, welcome, production,
worship, coffee bar, and creative teams are all gearing up to be at our
ABSOLUTE BEST. We want to remove
ANY and EVERY obstacle that hinders our community from connecting with
the greatest story ever told – the story of the Savior.

Bring your friends. Come early to get a good seat (get here about 15
minutes before the service starts). And get ready to experience the
celebration of a lifetime… Let’s celebrate Jesus’ birth together! See
you Monday!


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