Christmas Thank You


Whew… I don’t know if I’ve recovered YET! It’s Christmas
evening, and I am still pumped about the four great Christmas Eve
services I got to participate in yesterday. If you were able to
attend, you know how powerful they were!

As I sit here in my living room, surrounded by three boys running
around playing with Christmas gifts, I just HAD to take a minute and

  • To the passionate energy displayed by EVERY member of our worship team – YOU ROCKED!
  • To the technical wonder our PRODUCTION TEAM brought forward… you guys made it happen!
  • To the warmth of our WELCOME TEAMS… you guys greeted, seated,
    lit, and collected (as in offering) from more people than in any other
    time in the Orchard’s history. When people remember the Orchard as
    friendly, it is because of all of YOU!
  • To the caffeinated display put on by our COMMON GROUNDS coffee bar
    team… you single handedly got the staff through the event 🙂 Kidding!
    You provided liquid energy and Christmas espresso to MANY guests.
  • To my POLAR BEARS… our PARKING TEAM (great job Ben Hammond!).
    Those human Popsicles out in the lot made sure we got everyone in and
    out safely, and ushered record crowds into our building. Thank you so
    much for all your work.
  • To my fellow staff team members… some of the best I have ever
    served alongside. Your weeks and weeks of dedication and hard work paid
  • To anyone else who served, brought food, helped out, and unselfishly gave of their time on Christmas Eve!

Anyway – thanks to all who played a part! Hope your Christmas was a
good one. See you this weekend. We have a great weekend planned!


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