22 of 30… IS STILL 22!


During 2007, Jen and I attempted to go out on 30 dates together… (read about it here).

We didn’t hit 30, actually only taking 22.  This includes only "formal" date nights, not the times we were able to serendipitously grab some time together for coffee mid day.

I would have liked to have gotten all 30 dates completed, but several issues (including a HUGE loss from our available baby-sitters list – everyone went to college!) interfered with the last eight.  I have no excuses… I’m scum, I know!  But, 22 out of 30 is still 22!  I enjoyed 22 great dates with my bride this year!

AND, we learned some great "date-night" lessons: 

  • CALENDAR your date nights far out!  We put all 30 dates on the calendar last January and that REALLY helped – we knew when they were and they were a priority!

  • HAVING A GOAL forced us to get creative.  We had to creatively maneuver around our baby-sitter shortage, but aiming for 30 dates really motivated us.

  • ENJOY THE TIME.  We had the police called to the house during one of our dates this year (read here), because some neighbor assumed we left the boys home alone.  Once we recovered from the initial shock, we laughed about it for weeks!

Anyway, we will try for 30 again in 2008.  Even if we don’t make it, it is sure fun trying!



One thought on “22 of 30… IS STILL 22!

  1. That’s really awesome bro. This is something my wife and I are committed to this year. We finally found a steady sitter. Hopefully no cop-calling here thought (although it might make a great story)

    We’re also going to try a church-wide date night in February in conjunction with a marriage class we’re doing. Hopefully motivate others to do the same!

    see ya bro

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