I love this stuff…180pxlinea_doubleespresso

Espresso is to coffee what nitro-glycerin is to sparklers!

I love that it’s potent… it fills your pallette with an aroma and taste that can’t be ignored!  The head of crema (the nutty flavored, frothy top), the black roasted heart, and the body of the shot all combine to make an extremely complex drink.

Good espresso should be consumed right away… it begins to oxidize from loss of temperature within seconds.  Because Espresso is so chemically complex and volatile (as opposed to drip coffee) the sensitive palette can pull a variety of flavors from it… like in a good wine tasting.

I make espresso at home, at the office, and have several shots a week at Starbucks.  In fact when I walk in to two of my more frequented Starbucks the barrista yells out "Dopio"… a reference I hope to my regular drink – a double shot – and not to my perceived mental capacity 🙂

Anyway, I named this blog in honor of my favorite beverage… espressomyself.  In fact, that name will direct you to this site. (

So go ahead – Espresso yourself!


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