Don’t dis appointments

I am learning something about disappointments.

I get disappointed.  I pray, strategize, and hope for something – and it doesn’t work out the way I wanted.  I get dis-appointed.  What I thought was appointed to happen, doesn’t… hence the "dis".

But I am learning that many of my DIS appointments are really divine appointments – scheduled by God.  God has another plan.  He is closing this door to open another.  And what I see as a disappointment is really a D – appointment.. as in Divine.

Corny?  Maybe.  But it sure is changing the way I let external circumstances form my emotions, attitude, and outlook.  I am figuring out that Romans 12:2 really means I cannot let myself be shaped by events, circumstances, or issues that I can’t control.  That my disappointments are really divine appointments.


One thought on “Don’t dis appointments

  1. i heard something interesting on WMBI the other day. one of the teachers said “faith is what happens when you pray and the exact opposite happens”….God definately has a plan.

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