Classic Leading Men

I love movies.  Westerns.  Film Noir.  Comedies.  Mysteries.  Heist pictures.  I watch them all. 

OK – I don’t watch horror movies (by this I mean slasher/bloodlust types) but I do enjoy just about every other kind.

I really like classic movies, however.  Old black and whites from the 30’s and 40’s particularly.  Some of my favorite actors are James Cagney, Humphrey Bogart, Jimmy Stewart, and Cary Grant.



Those leading men carried a certain type of suave elegance to a picture.  They wore their own wardrobes in an era of cheap Hollywood costumes.  They had a style, charm, and presence that transcended film.

You don’t see many stars like that today.  From lightweight "celebs" like Paris Hilton, to the reality TV stars that appear and disappear before lunch, to  tragedies like Heath Ledgers (seemingly) accidental death in today’s headlines, Hollywood repeatedly hammers home that stars today seem much more cosmetic, unrefined… more jagged.

One leading man that I think hearkens back to the old Hollywood style is George Clooney. 

While he has certainly made some klunkers (see Batman & Robin – no, wait don’t!) most of his films display a kind of classic charm and appeal.  I am fan of the Ocean’s trilogy in particular.

Are there any other leading men, or leading women for that matter, that you think exhibit some of the old Hollywood charm and charisma?


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