Yin Yang

Now, before I get a bunch of emails, I know that this symbol is often associated with Tasoism and other eastern religions/philosophies.  But the concept it represents is deeply rooted in the Bible…

The symbol shows two seemingly opposite things flowing together… building off of each other.  "Unity in duality" is a good way of saying it. 

For example – the more I learn to think and act like God, the more I see  areas of my life that are really out of whack with God’s standards.  This, in course, helps me think and act more like God… and around and around it goes.  The same with Life and Death.  Love and Hate.  God created cyclical systems all around us.

I was thinking about this as I was journaling this morning about my tendency to worry.  I can be a bit of a worrier.  My mind is always active forecasting scenarios, figuring out variables and planing responses – which is good at 11:30am while writing a talk, but is VERY BAD at 11:30pm when trying to drift off to sleep.  This means that I tend naturally to live more "in the future" – thinking about how the decisions of today and tomorrow will impact next month and next year.  I have to work at balancing the future tendency with connecting with peace today.  There is a fine line between strategic planning and worry!  And I find my mind drifting across that line more often than I would like.  Another Yin-Yang pairing: Future/Present.

There is a balance between thinking through something enough to have a handle on it, to really have its pulse, and thinking through it so much that it begins to dominate, taking me to a more unhealthy place.  Where I am on my journey with Jesus, I find this Yin-Yang concept working itself out as I continually try to let God renew my mind.

I want to think through something enough to be a wise steward; to provide due diligence to the situation, but not so much as I begin to worry.  If I do begin to worry, I have to exercise the discipline of "letting go", "casting my cares", and putting appropriate distance between myself and the situation – distance for God to operate in.  That of course creates the space for my mind to begin appropriate planning again.  The "Loose/Tight" or "Near/Far" aspect to living out my faith.  I hope to always improve on this, and I suspect that I will be working in this throughout my life.


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