A Great Weekend…

It was a great weekend at The Orchard.  A surprisingly good turnout on superbowl weekend and Mike and his team did a great job – the place was rockin’!  It made it really easy to get up and teach to an excited group – I love that!

I saw new volunteers being trained (in various stages of our reproduction strategy) in Orchard Kids, Welcome Teams, Production… so cool to see new people stepping up all over!  I love that our Welcome Teams are having to strategically seat people to make sure we can get folks in.

I met several new families brand new to The Orchard this weekend- all of whom were invited by friends.  One family was invited by their neighbor, whose first week was two weeks ago.  They in turn were invited by a co-worker, whose first time was Christmas Eve!  You gotta love that kind of word-of-mouth enthusiasm – the simple strategy of people inviting their friends.

You can listen to the weekend here (or will be able to shortly :).


One thought on “A Great Weekend…

  1. Also have a talk that helps us all to grow and move along the path to hopefully become more like Jesus in our thoughts as well as our actions. It amazes me how much even after 4yrs of attending the Orchard I still get excited to go and learn and praise my God! We have a great team from teachers to greeters and everything in between!

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