Shotgun Prayer


I can see the headlines of Christianity Today now…

"While Jacob wrestled with God, Lead Pastor Bobby Gass of Baypoint Community Church takes an entirely different approach…"

In all seriousness, if you haven’t heard about Baypoint, it is an up-and-coming church in Texas City on the gulf coast of Texas.  I served there briefly a few years ago, helping them in their early stages of growth.  Since then the church has exploded and is really reaching Galveston County for Jesus.

Bobby is the Lead – a really cool guy and a good friend.  Patrick is the worship leader, a close friend, and  boy can he play!  Talk about Rock Your Face Off (with a southern Texas twang:)!  I have also talked with Clint quite a bit… a really cool guy who I am convinced is hooked up to an espresso IV drip 24/7!

If you are anywhere around the gulf coast of Texas, you need to check out Baypoint.  Just don’t interrupt Bobby when he’s talking to God!


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