Leadership Triangle


Have you ever worked for Eeyore?  A leader who demonstrates the "3 Ps" of poor leadership: being panicked, pessimistic, and perturbed?

I was reading a journal that had a reference to John Ortberg’s ideas of "Hope Management".  That it is the idea that a leader must understand that every musing, facial expression, or side comment plays mightily on the spirit of the team.

I learned the same idea from one of John Maxwell’s many books.  He referred to the "Leadership Triangle"… meaning the higher one is in leadership, the less rights you have to unguardedly express yourself.  As my responsibility increases, my rights decrease.  Think about that.

As responsibilities increase, rights decrease.  I lose the right to vent my unfiltered thoughts, fears, or frustrations because people are watching.  The mission is at stake.  What I feel becomes considerably more important as my influence increases (especially as I demonstrate what I feel).

There are times when something doesn’t go right, when someone treats me unfairly, or when I am just frustrated and I would like to rant, pout, and let everyone know just how unfair this is.  But I can’t.  Because other people are watching and my actions, in a variety of ways, affect the team.

I have to lay aside my hurt feelings.  Or my fear.  Or my frustration.  And I have to inspire calm, confidence, and hope.  And that is tough to do sometimes. 

At least I still struggle with it.


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