He was trying to protect her

One of the most courageous, heroic acts any person can do.

A man literally giving his life for his girlfriend of two months during the NIU shooting.

You are a hero sir.  Daniel Parmenter, I stand and salute you.

Read it here.


7 thoughts on “He was trying to protect her

  1. Daniel Parmenter is a true patriot! He is a direct descendant of Elias Parmenter, an American Revolutionary War veteran, also a direct descendant of Richard Warren, a Mayflower passenger, a distant cousin of Declaration of Independence signers, John Adams and Samuel Adams, and also a distant cousin of Presidents John Adams and John Quincy Adams.

  2. Daniel Lorenzo Parmenter is the 12th cousin of Gary Michael Joy. Both guardian angels are a direct descendants of Richard Warren! Both have a French Connection and Bonsoir, Daniel and Gary.

  3. Daniel Lorenzo Parmenter should have been Daniel Louis Parmenter. Parmenter is a direct descendant of a Boston Brahmin family, Adams.

  4. Unlike Daniel Louis Parmenter had aunts and uncles and siblings, Gary Michael Joy’s only living immediate relative, his brother, James.

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