New Reads

I haven’t blogged about what I’m reading for a while.  Click on the book images for links to Amazon.

41iqilqqn0l_ss500_ I am currently reading NT Wright’s new book Surprised By Hope.  A great theologian refocuses attention on the realities of eternity and how they affect our lives today.  A world view changing read!

This book by Thomas Neff and James Citrin is a MUST READ for anyone transitioning into a new leadership role.  This common sense approach
to the first hundred days and beyond makes sense for any pastor, business leader, educator… or anyone who recognizes the complexities of a new leadership context.  Very practical.  I especially love the model "1st 100 days" plan from  Gary Kusin, the former CEO of Kinkos.


I haven’t read St Augustine’s Confessions in several years.  My first time reading through them was in seminary and it was a tough read in the older english.  I definitely recomend a modern translation like this one.  This work is a powerful reminder that the journey from being far from God to becoming a devoted follower of Jesus hasn’t changed all that much in over 1500 years!


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