Cool Quiz


The science/art of interpreting scripture is called Hermeneutics.  It is the ability to correctly interpret and apply Scripture to life, across time and culture, and do so consistently.  It was one of my favorite subjects in seminary.

Scott McKnight published a cool, self-diagnostic hermeneutics quiz that can be found here.  Try it.  It is a quick (5 minutes) test that helps you see how you interpret the Bible to your life.  You will receive a numeric score based on your selections that groups respondents into one of three groups: conservative, moderate, or progressive.

When you do take it, let me know what you score… I’m curious.  I scored in the moderate category.

After you take the quiz, check the scores of several well-known pastors and theologians here.


6 thoughts on “Cool Quiz

  1. I scored 43, they still call that conservative, but I think that some of the questions left me scratching my head because there seemed to be no “all of the above” option, which could have been a better reponse on a few of them.

  2. Scored a 34.Firmly entrenched in the conservative. Not a big suprise. Sometimes, ok many times, this challenges me when surrounded by moderates and progressives. Hey, common, what do you expect? I grew up German Baptist!

  3. Scored a 59, moderate, no surprise really. It is interesting to think about how I would have scored 5 years ago, and to consider how my views might change over the next 5 as I live, learn, and grow.

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