Be Unreachable


43 Folders has a great post about one man’s experiment being unreachable on the weekends… the cyberspace and Blackberry withdrawal, how he "detoxed"… the works.

I carry a blackberry.  I am in front of my Mac a lot.  And yet I still try to maintain a day where I am unreachable.

It is tough.  People who clammer for your attention are convinced they must talk to you RIGHT NOW!  And they can get a little peeved if they can’t reach you… "After all, I tried texting you!!!" 

Somehow we have bought into this modern myth of ultra-urgency.  I MUST be reachable at all times or… (fill in the blanks with whatever is true in your life)

  • my boss (who hasn’t apparently yet encountered someone who knows how to set personal boundaries) will get irritated that I wasn’t instantly available.
  • my coworkers will solve the problem without me!!!  Then why do they need me!?! (Sarcastic thought it may be, how many chords does this strike in your heart?)
  • my facade of indispensability will crumble.  I must be needed and always available… how else will I know that I am important?
  • I might have to slow down and actually LOOK at my life.  Whoah!

So go ahead… unplug.  The list of true emergencies that someone MUST connect with you immediately about is very short (my child is en route to the ER for example) and people will find a way to reach you in those few cases.

Set boundaries.  Take charge of your own schedule.  Have a spine… be unreachable.


2 thoughts on “Be Unreachable

  1. Great Post Chris-
    I’ve been trying to unplug for awhile, still finding it very difficult. A friend looked me in the eye this past week and told me I HAD to take 24 hours off… he’s right… know it in my head, but not convinced in my heart.

    Again, great post bro!

  2. Nice thoughts-my windows mobile phone just died and I’m using a old LG …no email, no windows live search, no web. It actually feels kind of nice. For a while anyway.

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