The problem with stock images…

I’m sure most of you have seen this ad…


Hillary Clinton’s "3am" TV ad that shows a girl asleep in bed.  The ad’s purpose is to demonstrate that Clinton would be better prepared to take the emergency 3am phone call in the White House.  I don’t know which, if any, candidate would be better to take the emergency phone call, but I do think Clinton is rethinking the ad.  Why?


Turns out the little girl pictured in the ad (above) isn’t a little girl anymore.  She’s 18.  And a FERVANT Obama supporter, campaign worker, and local delegate.  Ooops!  She spent the weekend granting interviews about how wrong she thought the ad was.

The girl did some odd acting jobs as a small child, and the footage was sold to Getty Images.  Seems the Clinton ad people who bought the footage from Getty Images didn’t check to see that the footage was over ten years old, and originally shot for a commercial for a railroad.  The 18 year old girl saw the add on John Stewart’s The Daily Show, and contacted the media.

Of course, Clinton did nothing wrong.  This isn’t a post about the politics, as much as it is the graphics.  Stock images are so good and so inexpensive, I am surprised that something like this hasn’t made headlines before now. 

See the whole story and interviews here.


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