What’s In A Name?

If you’re not from Chicago there is no way you can understand the uproar about the name of the ballpark where the Chicago Cubs play…

Let me explain.  The friendly confines where the Cubs play is called Wrigley Field.  And the neighborhood is Wrigleyville.  Everything around there is Wrigley.  And the Cubs and Wrigley Field are owned by the Tribune company.

Which was recently bought by one Mr Sam Zell (that sound you hear is Chicago Cubs fans boing).

It seems Mr. Zell not only wants to sell the team, he wants to sell the naming rights to the field… like every other major league ballpark seems to be doing (and Wrigley wasn’t the name of a famous player, right…).  This has Chicago Cubs fans in a spittle-emitting rage.

The Chicago Sun Times ran a contest – create and submit a video detailing a solution to the Wrigley field renaming issue.  The video below won… submitted by an Intern from where else?  Sam Zell’s Tribune company! (clicking the video will take you to the Tribune’s video page)



One thought on “What’s In A Name?

  1. As a Sox/Cardinals fan, I feel that Waste Management should by the naming rights, and rename it “The Dump” at Wrigley Field.

    But that’s just me……

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