OK, I’m the first to admit…  I’m not the most sensitive guy.  My wife is an angel for putting up with me sometimes.  I grew up fighting, shooting, fishing… I have had to learn to look for opportunities to be sensitive.

But really, sensitivity is being aware of one’s environment, and trying to pre-think the consequences of speech and action.  Far from being effemenite fellas, sensitivity is TACTICALLY smart… ensuring you and your message are heard above others because unlike the other dude, YOU didn’t turn off your hearers.  Of course, you can go too far this way, as current political correctness has demonstrated.  But basic sensitivity is one of the things that helps make a man a gentleman.

Someone needs to tell the editors of Vogue, though.  This week, in spite of the national debate about Barak’s pastor, race in media, and all the other race related discussions going on, Vogue publishes this cover on next month’s periodical…

They even bragged that this is the first cover to feature an African-American male.

This just goes to show, there is no view from nowhere – we all carry our bias and prejudice into all we do.  Some is just more obvious than others…


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