New WordPress Blog

As you can see chrisbellonline has undergone some renovation.

I moved the blog to wordpress (from typepad). If you get to this blog by the chrisbellonline or espressomyself URLs, nothing has changed for you.

If you are subscribed to the typepad address ( please update your feed to

I am still working a few bugs out, so bear with me as I tweak a few things.

How does it look? Leave me a comment with thoughts or suggestions.


One thought on “New WordPress Blog

  1. Hey Chris! I like the new blog, actually. We have been using WordPress for our “Varkonda family” Blog, and it’s been really helpful – of course, you are a little more tech-savvy than my family!

    You have a new Mac, right? Did you get Leopard on it? My leopard has been causing problems left and right – I can’t even get consistent wireless signal anymore, which is terrible because like you, I enjoy being a bit of a coffee shop junkie to get out of my office some days! I hope your Mac life is going a little better than mine.

    Also, I miss you guys! I hope everything is going well out in good old IL.

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