5th Ave Apple Store

I am standing in front of a Macbook Air in the 24-hour 5th Ave. Apple store in NYC. Wow! PLace is FULL of people at 23:52 local time. What a place. I know heaven is going to be a wonderful place, but this is as close as I’ve come here on earth… just kidding… I think 🙂

Gotta go… lots more to see and do!

P.S…. Scott is on a buying binge


3 thoughts on “5th Ave Apple Store

  1. I hung out at the 5th Ave store on my 20th birthday in the summer… it’s incredible! I was totally geeking out, loved it. Don’t buy too much!

  2. Hey Chris, met you at last years Q – Scott, myself and you enjoyed listening to some blues and some fine tobacco…couldn’t make it to Q this year, opted to go to Vancouver for a different type of conference (Pastor as Prayer)…but looking forward to your take on the cultural agenda of Q.

  3. I visited this place the first weekend it was open. Wow… I was completely blown away. It was just… amazing.

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