No You Didn’t!

I had the chance recently to talk to Jason, one of my first staff hires… from way back in 1997 (J.R. you da’ man).  We were laughing about our inexperience back then, and where life has taken us since.  That led us to a conversation about all the wrong things we’ve said or heard as a staff member in a church.  One of the reasons I so much admire The Orchard staff team is because not one of them has ever uttered one of these REALLY DUMB STAFF STATEMENTS:

1) I can only accomplish this if you give me more ____________ (money, staff, time, volunteers, etc.)

I know resources can be a real challenge, but the abundance or lack thereof shouldn’t decide what we can or cannot do.  As Lincoln said “First decide that the thing shall be done.  Then put your mind to figuring out the means.”  What if Paul had said, “I don’t have a the resources… writing those letters to the believers in Rome or Corinth will have to wait?”

2) I think I (or my ministry) need more exposure/publicity.

Notice me!  I need to be ego-stroked.  Nah, I pass.  A leader’s job is to promote the vision, excitement, and momentum… not suck it up.  Don’t confuse insecurity with vision-casting.

3) We can’t do that!

I want to surround myself with people who say “Why not?” instead of “Why?”.  Staff that will bring solutions, not problems.  Tell me how it might be done, will be done, or even when it could be possible… even if the remotest chance.  Of course, I also value someone who will say “That’s the dumbest idea I have ever encountered.”

4) That’s someone else’s job… ask them.

One word: TEAM.  We all play each other’s positions as the need warrants.  NO TERRITORIES.  NO KINGDOMS (other than Jesus’).

5) That’s just too much work… this is easier.

But what’s better?  What’s more strategic?  What’s more inspiring?  What’s more empowering?  Then roll up the sleeves and dig in!


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