First NY dinner

Had a GREAT meal at Gramercy Tavern. The atmospehre is wonderful… a crowded room that still feels intimate. Fresh flowers and shrubbery, exposed beam ceilings with frescos on the walls, and a brick oven in a corner.

Started with two appetizers of oysters and calamari/carrot salad. The calarmari salad was tasty, but the oysters weren’t as fresh as I have had. But still, oysters on the half-shell are awesome just about anytime!

Then an entre of Artic Char over small waxed potatoes and spinich, in a lobster sauce. Wow! Served with Duck Cassoulet with Beans, Bacon & Cauliflower over Adirondack Blue Potatoes. Yum!

I will definitely come back to Gramercy Tavern. What a great place. Topped it off with an espresso and a three mile walk around town. I really needed the walk after dinner!


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