Q – Bill McKibben | Environmental Faith and World Changing Ideas

Bill McKibben is a Christ follower, writer, environmentalist, and the author of The End of Nature. He was also one of the first people to begin to speak about climate change some twenty years ago. Citing the headlines from the last weeks, about the sudden ice melt this last melt season, and measurements of carbon dioxide in the air now and long past, Bill argues from science that mankind has not been the best steward of the planet God entrusted to us.

What does it mean to steward the earth that God has given us? Few pastors argue the need for a Christ follower to be a steward of money and time… but how about coal? Energy? The fabric of creation around us? A shift in thought from more is better to better is more is needed (think about that one for a while!). Practical solutions, theological imperative, political actions… a lot of opportunities to act. Tough questions with perplexing solutions beg for the attention of people of faith; the same question my sons are also going to have to struggle with.

Mike Foster | Ethur – introduced the “3 Minutes” segment – exposure to several people with great new ideas and initiatives:

Chris Heuertz | Wordmadeflesh – Prostitution and sex-trade industries are rampant in third world nations.

Duane Grobman | Harvey Fellows – Encourages Christian graduate students to integrate their faith and vocation and pursue leadership positions in strategic fields

Lister Namutowe | World Vision Caregiver Kits – The battle against Aids in Zambia is being fought on an individual level. Putting caregiver kits into the hands of loving volunteers is impacting this Aids-ravaged land.

Matthew Emerzian | Every Monday Matters – Matthew woke up on a Monday morning with a panic attack about how selfish his life had become.  EMM empowers everyday people that they can change the world – literally.  Every Monday a new task/challenge is issued and thousands are picking it up.  See his book here.


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