Q – Andy Crouch | Why We Can’t Change The World

“You don’t change culture by critiquing culture, you change culture by creating culture.”

Andy Crouch is a cultural architect.

From 2000-2007 154 books were published containing the title “Change the World”. By 2010, some 220 titles should exist. Only 140 were published before 2000. Obviously, interest in changing the world is exploding.

But most of the stories told about world-changers are told by wildly successful people, who are beating the odds and changing the world around them. A lot of people who have burned out, given up, and quit have walked away from the conversation. What about their voice? What about their effort? In other words, what is God doing to change the world universally?

The answer to what God is doing, or what God has done; His plan for the down and out, those who weren’t asked to present at Q, are two biblical events…The Exodus and the Resurection. These two events are the hinge pins of the Old and New Testament. They chalenge our sense of time – timeless in their importance. They transcend Place/Location – just as applicable in India, Korea, or Times Square. They also restore Power to the powerless and doll out God’s power for change to those who seek to change the world.

Robben Island is where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned… where he inculcated the revolutionary ideas against Apartheid. It became known as Mandella’s University. The weakness of Mandela and that little island showed God’s strength. The little acts done over time in the relative obscurity of Robben Island, powered by God’s plan, God’s time, God’s place, and God’s power, changed the world. Who is transforming culture? Those unknowns on Robben Islands all around, those who understand the transcendence of God’s work through the Exodus and the Resurrection. Little decisions worked out over time.

So, what is the great Good News? That in Christ the world is already changed… and it is the job of the church to enforce it. How do we identify the Robben Islands environments around us that God is already moving in?  How do we marshal the resources and leadership to partner with the ways God is already changing the world?


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