Q – Eboo Patel | Interfaith Dialog

Eboo is from Chicago, the president of Interfaith Youth Core, and the author of Acts of Faith – The Struggle for the Soul of a Generation. Eboo is a Muslim who is working to create dialog with followers of Jesus.

Jesus spoke and related with Samaritans; who were of course culturally, religiously, and ethnically segregated in his day. How do followers of Jesus today relate to Muslims and others of differing faiths? Antagonistically or conversationally?

In other words, how can we learn, relate, or befriend those of other faiths without real relationships and conversations? To paraphrase Brian McLaren’s book “Everything Must Change” – “The inability to provide a framework where the two largest religious faiths of today can relate, communicate, and inquire is the lynch pin of the world’s conflict today.”

We don’t have to compromise faith in Jesus to dialog. Can we not be friends with those we disagree with? Wasn’t Jesus?

Love and communication, especially when conceding key differences of faith, are the tools of Jesus… who reserved his harshest words for the legalistic religious leaders of his day.


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