Q – Leroy Barber | Beloved Community

Leroy Barber has dedicated his adult life to addressing what Dr. King called “the Beloved Community”. Working with 18-29 year old men to create centers of missional and community living in urban environments (for a one-year duration).

What sets church apart from the way the rest of the world works? Do we treat people the same? Do we have the same attitudes? What’s new and different – what is radical and loving?

Using the historic language of Dr Martin Luther King, Leroy addresses six key issues that all followers of Christ should address:

  • All people can share in the wealth of the Earth. Poverty should not exist in the Body of Christ like it does in God’s unredeemed creation.
  • Poverty, hunger, and homeless will not be tolerated. Wouldn’t it be incredible if these scourges would not tolerated by those who follow Christ?
  • Racism, discrimination, bigotry, and prejudices will be replaced with a spirit of brotherhood. The early church was an incredible picture of racial and ethnic diversity and inclusion. Acts 2 is all about a new kind of community.  New culture comes from new community – but we have to live together.
  • Violence will be resolved by peaceful conflict resolution.  Resolution mandates love and communication – peaceful conflict resolution.
  • Love and trust will triumph over fear and hatred. Love and trust are choices.  God did not give us a spirit of fear – we have to choose to love in our communities.  Speaking the truth in love breaks down hatred and fear.
  • Conflict is part of human experience and will be reconciled and resolved peacefully.  Who is in my immediate circle?  As people who are called to a different lifestyle, there is no greater act of restoration than as living together, eating together, working and loving together as a New Community.

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