Q – Panel Discussion | Faith in a Pluralistic Society

Eric Metaxas, Frank Fredericks, and Dan Cho comprise a panel that discussed what it means to live and work as followers of Jesus in a pluralistic world. How does the Good News find traction in a world where people don’t always see followers of Jesus acting like Jesus? What if we just believed in the idea of loving our neighbor like Jesus did to people who are not only hungry physically, but also spiritually and emotionally. What if we examine life with humility, knowing that just because we have His Truth, none of us really have all the answers.

The humility born of God’s greatness and my limited and finite nature, builds authenticity and an audience in this day. Searching for His Truth in an open, honest, and humble way ushers in opportunities for sharing what we DO know about God and His redemptive plan. It is incredibly freeing to allow the Holy Spirit to work in the cracks of my openness and brokenness.


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