Q – Francis Collins | The Language of God

Francis Collins is the smartest guy in the room right now!

Author of the Language of God (great book!), he regularly debates Franis Hawkins on NPR. A scientist, geneticist, and follower of Jesus, he speaks clearly of the partnership of science and God.

In an age where Hitchins and others claims that religion is not only wrong, but harmful, because it flies in the face of science, Collins speaks about the true harmony between science – specifically the human genome project – and faith in God. Francis warns from going into the ditch on either side of faith – running to atheism to avoid hard questions or closed-eyed fundamentalism that denies God’s beautiful complexity of creation for an ignorant “faith”. Can you be a follower of Jesus and a geneticist, or will your head explode? Collins argues for harmony between the two.

Since the death rate remains at one per person 🙂 Francis stresses we all have to come to grips with the question of God. And nature points to His existence (Ps 19:1) in many ways! Some are, for example:

  • There is something instead of nothing
  • The “unreasonable effectiveness” of mathematics
  • The Big Bang needs a Big Cause
  • The precise tuning of physical constants in the universe – just the most finite change in the balance of the universe precludes life
  • The universality of Moral Law

Instead of girding faith to battle science, what if science actually supported the actuality of God. What if faith and science all pointed to a higher, brighter, Creative Mind that still maintains the universe? Just like Judo harmonizes with an opponents force instead of fights it, what if faith were to ignore the shrill voices from each extreme (atheism and fundamentalism) and sought faith in science, and science in faith.

For example what if God’s plan included the mechanism of micro evolution to ensure the diversity of creation and the ability to adapt to the creation on which we live? In other words, God continues to create today (as evidenced by mankind’s getting taller over years). Who are we to tell God – “I wouldn’t have done it that way”? Must there be a conflict between the worldviews of faith and science? Do not the book of the Bible and the book of Nature harmonize to point us to Creator God?


2 thoughts on “Q – Francis Collins | The Language of God

  1. Science is part of God. God is many things. One of which is Master Scientist, Master Engineer, Master Cosmologist.

    Christianity is about understanding one’s faith with reason as far as reason will take you. But at some point we have to make a leap of faith. Just as scientists have to make leaps of faith when trying to understand the great questions of the universe.

    Scientists are having to make leaps of faith now with the nature of gravity and string theory. String theory is based on rational thinking. But it is also based on leaps of faith (of a scientific kind). And if string theory is true, then how is science going to explain, or begin to explain, that the universe has more than three dimensions!

    God bless.

  2. Question for you…

    You say you enjoyed “The Language of God” but then make this comment:

    “For example what if God’s plan included the mechanism of micro evolution to ensure the diversity of creation and the ability to adapt to the creation on which we live?”

    Why just microevolution? Why not macroevolution, too, which Collins also clearly supports in this book?

    FYI, another book you may enjoy if you like Collins is “Finding Darwin’s God” by Kenneth Miller.

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