Q – Day 2 – Louie Giglio | The Trees of Hong Kong

Everyone has a gospel – their understanding of the good news of their lives.

The goal is helping everyone connect their hope and future to Jesus’ hope and Jesus’ future.

The Good News for followers of Jesus is that we transcend:

  • time (we were saved, are saved, and will be saved)
  • culture even as we create it
  • pessimism of circumstances because we are tied to the eternal hope

On a recent trip to Hong Kong, trees are so scarce that they build sky scrapers around the few trees that exist.  They didn’t scrap building plans because of the trees that were already established, they didn’t raze the trees, they designed the trees into their building.  That is how the church must relate to culture – to be transcendent, but to incorporate culture into the missional life of the church.


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