Q – Jim Wallis | Social Movements

Jim Wallis is the author of The Great Awakening.

God is not a democrat or republican… why do we tie him to one or the other?

When faith cures an illness or addiction – it is great. But it is not until faith addresses the needs of a whole society that it is called a revival. The abolition of slavery, suffrage of women, etc.

Charles Finney was instrumental in the great awakening in 19th century America. Movements like these change history more than politics do.

Half of God’s children alive today live on less than $2 a day – the greatest moral scandal of our day, when so many in this country spend more than that on a cup of coffee. This compromises our moral authority in the world – especially the post-American emerging world.

The Good News? Faith can move even the biggest socio-economic mountains. But if each of us as Christ followers aren’t changing how we live, the choices we make, we have no right to complain. Personal commitment needs to result in public policy.

Flourishing churches should help create flourishing neighborhoods.

Politicians are just people good at knowing which way the wind is blowing… to change a culture, we have to get the wind to shift. We need church leaders who can help change the wind.


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