Q – Makoto Fujimura | Beauty in Culture

Makoto Fujimura.

Art is there not only to be useful, but to be a medium of truth.

We need to see more ways to see into the creative process other than asking for logos for businesses and churches. This does not get to the depth of what art can be.

The purpose of art is love… in and for and through love.

The Chinese character for beauty (above) comes from Large or Best Sheep. Beauty is the best expression of Love, as we strive to be the best sheep, to be followers of Jesus, because Jesus is Beauty. In fact, if sharing the faith with a Chinese person, this is the best symbol to explain followership.

Beauty and her three premesis:

  • The problem of beauty – beauty is very difficult. Not as simple as commonly portrayed. Beuaty brings us into contact with our own capacity for making errors. It transcends our own understanding of Truth. It bridges the gap between man and God. (paraphrased from Dr. Elaine Scarry)
  • The paradox of beauty – when confronted with the weight/glory of beauty and the extravagance of the materials of art/beauty, one’s own heart is crushed, unable to contain the glory of that beauty [an explanation of Makoto’s path to following Jesus through an examination of beauty]
  • The presence of beauty – Is. 61:3 For those that grieve in Zion, God has come to bestow a crown of beauty for ashes.


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