Q – Michael Luo | Reporting Faith and Politics

Michael Luo is a reporter for the NY Times.

Gabe Lyons interviewed Michael:

People of faith work at the NY Times (this statement causes many conservatives to fall on the floor :).

The interaction of faith and politics in the press has rarely been less positive. How do we move past the faith-as-litmus test in politics?

The block of evangelicals is varied… and despite the publicity, Michael’s opinion is faith is not steering political conversation all that much. Instead, a few key “index issues” tend to drive evangelicals instead of a broader faith discussion.

Michael sees his job as comforting the afflicted, and afflicting the comfortable…much like a pastor!

Gabe concluded by asking Michael “Who are you going to vote for?”. After saying “No comment”, Michael explained that many political journalists don’t vote.  [CB question: How can you report/critique the process if you are not engaged in it?  I understand the motive, but it seems reactionary to me.]


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