Today the volunteer leaders and staff of The Orchard gathered for FUEL. FUEL is our monthly leader gathering where communicate vision, impart new skills, dream together, and learn a common language as we journey toward our mission at The Orchard.

It has been six months since we launched our Saturday service… so today at FUEL we took a look back to see how we are doing. DANG! Our Saturday nights are not only holding their own, they are thriving! In fact, we are seeing thirty to sixty percent growth rates over this time last year! And do you know why? Because our leaders are taking a little R&R!

The leadership at The Orchard has been very intentional about teaching and communicating to our leaders about Recruiting and Reproducing (R&R) (for a detailed explanation – read here)

Well, today we heard from some of our volunteers who have been recruiting and reproducing themselves.  While every process like this is messy, people have been intelligently adapting the outline to fit their ministry needs at the Orchard.  We have found some people tend to natural Recruiters, and others excel at Reproducing themselves into others.

So at six months out we can confidently say a couple of things: R&R works – when it is owned and adapted by great volunteers like those here at The Orchard!  The outline equips volunteers with the tools to approach the sometimes challenging problem of recruiting and reproducing volunteers.  Keep teaching us God… we’ll keep listening!


One thought on “FUEL

  1. Hey Chris. the Saturday is definitely something to be tinkered with. we went from 1 service on Saturdays to 2 then 3 then back to 2 now back to 1. Every church is definitely unique in that. Our pastor blogged the process on http://www.stovallweems.com . he got a lot of his counseling on it from pastor craig at lifechurch.tv. definitely see what these guys have to say on the issue as you guys continue to feel the saturday flow! also catch Jason boyett’s latest article in May’s relevant magazine on the freedom saturday nights can give to leaders. Prayin you guys have a great week. -big j

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