I’m a little late in posting… but Friday morning I was time-warped back to my childhood in California!  Why?

Illinois had an earthquake!

4:37am – my eyes open wide and my brain screams at me – “Get up, get the kids downstairs!!!”

“Why?” I ask myself.

“Earthquake!” my brain answers.

“Hogwash!” I think.  “This is Illinois… earthquakes don’t happen here.  Go back to sleep”

That’s when I noticed the dresser shaking…. and all my old childhood memories of the dozen earthquakes I experienced in California flooded back into my head.  It was cool really, especially since this one was tiny, only a 5.2 and centered in Salem Illinois, quite south of me.

But for just a few seconds I was ten years old again and back in California… what a feeling!


2 thoughts on “Earthquake

  1. when i was in madison, WI this week the home i was in said they felt a tremor. aparently it was felt as far south as Georgia! i on the other hand, yelled at my dog who felt it, rolled over and fell back asleep never knowing it even happened. it was much the same (minus my dog) when i was living in California. i’m telling you the rapture may happen and i’d sleep thru it.

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