New Booqbag

I am really diggin’ my new Booq laptop bag.

The mamba sling (I know… they gotta work on that name!) arrived yesterday.  I ordered this bag because my STM alley was just getting too small.  My new Booq can carry about double the stuff of my old STM, and feels about half as heavy.

I chose the blue and orange, but they have a cool assortment of colors.  It has pockets galore, and the comparments are all spaced intelligently.  I like the vertical presentation (the STM was portrait in orientation as well) as it seems I can carry more stuff.  One of the best parts is the strap… the quick release snap and velcro means I can put it on over my motorcycle jacket if I need to, and the strap is very padded.  The shape of the strap also holds the bag close to my body and keeps it from swinging wildly about as I walk.

It even has its own serial number, which I register with Booq.  If it is ever lost it can be traced back to me from this number.  A cool option, although I don’t know how useful it would prove to be.

And don’t buy from booq… resellers have the bag considerably cheaper.


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