Moleskine – the ubiquitous little black notebook

I love my Moleskine. I use it as a journal, a sketchpad, a collection point for message/planning ideas, and my general go-to point for reflection and thinking. I go through several a year, so I attach a time-stamp to the bound edge with dates, and then file them on my bookshelves in my library.

For me, the few things that make my experience of writing in the Moleskine enjoyable are using the Large, Plain version (big, blank pages). Lines make me feel hemmed in when I am writing. I also use a good pen… either my Montblanc rollerball (pictured) or my Waterman fountain pen that I draw from an ink well. Good pens make the process feel elegant and very enjoyable!

The bulk of my writings are reflective in nature… journaling and the like. I write devotionally, but also as a record that my sons might one day want to read. My deepest thoughts go into my journal, so I hope they never go missing 🙂 If they do, I always put my name and a $50 reward offer at the front (my thoughts are worth at least $50, right?) I also keep a few calling/business cards and some cut up card stock in the accordion pocket – useful for all sorts of things.

Here are a few great links for using and organizing Moleskines:


How to Organize a Moleskin (Joe Thorn)

Moleskin Hacks (43Folders)


and the link I forgot (thanks Kenny)


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