This post ISN’T what you think…

How long can this go on?

Before you start to think you just gleaned some insight into my political affiliations/support, let me correct you gentle reader… you haven’t.

What I mean is, how long can we choose our leaders like this? I think I am safe in saying that I, and 260 million of my closest neighbors, are ready to scream “GET ON WITH IT ALREADY”. This political season has gone on WAYYYY to long.

I know these thoughts aren’t original (few great thoughts are :)… but consider our convoluted process of picking a leader in this great country of ours:

The resources required to run for president ensure that only the most affluent, or the most connected/corrupt could ever consider it. Then we spend (what used to be) months if not (what now is) years beating them up, turning them on each other, and holding them up to international ridicule to see who can take it the best and come out on top. Then, when we select two candidates (and YES it has to be two… it’s a two party system! How dare you think an independent could ever bring something to the table! They are great for comic relief, but we can’t let any third party SERIOUSLY get to the general election!). And these two candidates beat up on each other, pointing out every bad thing about the country connected to the other guy (excuse me, person), and every great thing about the country connected to themselves. A process that is bifurcated at best, schizoid at worst. The mood of the country becomes more and more sinical [sic], downtrodden, and frustrated, untill the entire electorate just wants to hold an election so everyone will shut up! Because we all know that one of the greatest things about our political process, stability through transition, is also one of its weak points – few things ever change from one administration to another.

The candidates require such vast amounts of money that they become beholden to every small town politico in the Americas, and run around the country at a break-neck pace, straining family, voice, and health until we finally arrive at the general election in November. And just as both candidates are about ready to drop over from years of exhaustion, compromise, and over-spending, the one judged most able in all of the above vices raises his or her exhausted right hand and says, repeat after me, “I do solemnly swear…”.

Then the next few years are spent playing catch up to all of the promises and compromises made on the campaign trail… all in the hope, that in two years, it can all start over again.

Hey Abe… Teddy… ole’ Tommy Jefferson. Stay where you are boys… you couldn’t hack it today.


One thought on “This post ISN’T what you think…

  1. Douglas Adams, in his book The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, wrote, “Anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job.” I think that’s never been truer.

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