I know Mother’s Day is this weekend… and having been raised by a single mom who worked her butt off to provide three squares and a roof when everything we had was taken from us, I won’t slight mom’s even a little. You deserve the day and more!

But a quick word for the fellas before we celebrate Mom’s Day. The following I found on Fathers.com:

For every 10 men in a church in the United States…

  • 10 are struggling to balance work and family
  • 9 will have children who at some point leave the church
  • 5 will have to struggle against pornography (CB note: and five more with lying…)
  • 4 will get divorced
  • 1 will be confident about a biblical worldview

Men, we have asked women to carry the spiritual load in our churches, families, and lives for too long. We have to pray for and help each other.

Happy Mother’s Day.


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