I haven’t been blogging as much… quite frankly because I have spent more time Twittering.

What is Twittering? Blogging on a Double Espresso! The best way to describe it is combining text messaging and blogging. I can update Twitter from the web, my Blackberry (via text message or a cool app called TwitterBerry), or traditional applications (I like TwitterFox). You can also see my Twitter feed over on the right side of this blog: I list my most recent “Tweets” (what you call a twitter “post”).

By limiting the Tweet to 140 characters, Tweets are concise, more in-the-moment, and much more interactive. Because I can not only post Tweets, but I can follow other people’s Tweets and respond immediately to their postings, it feels much more communal.

I need to get a little more intentional about blogging again… but if you haven’t checked out Twitter yet, I encourage you to give it a look. It is free, easy, and fun! Make sure to follow @chrisbellonline 🙂


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